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Visitation Update 3/4/21:

We will be making some changes to our visitation protocols at our community. The scheduling of the visit is no longer required and you may come to the door at the front of the facility to be checked in upon visitation. You will be required to complete a questionnaire as well as having your temperature taken and donning a mask. You will also be required to be escorted by an employee to the visitation area and asked that you not utilize any other areas of the community such as the restroom, snack bar or sitting areas, but rather go straight to the area of visitation. We will request that you wash and/or sanitize your hands upon entry and exit from visitation and that your mask be worn during the length of your stay. We will not be limiting the length of your visit as we want our residents to see their family members and to be able to enjoy them as long as possible!


Please be mindful that we must continue to monitor the number of people in the building. That being said, scheduling is not required; however, if there are more than the acceptable number of visitors in the building during one time you may be asked to wait until someone leaves prior to entering.

We ask that everyone be respectful of the regulations that we are required to follow and the infection control procedures that are in place so that we may continue this process. We feel it is of the utmost importance to get these residents back with their families as quickly as possible and want to do so in the safest manner possible.

If we have a positive case in the building, we will have to close back down.

Visitation Guidelines (Updated 3/4/21):

- Masks must be worn at all time

- You will be required to be temped and to fill out a questionnaire upon entry

- An employee will escort you to the designated visitation area

- Social distancing must occur within the visitation area (no hugging, touching, etc.)

- Only a limited amount of guests at one time. If we have reached guest occupancy you will be asked to wait outside until someone leaves.

- Visitation is open from 9am to 8pm

- Hand washing/sanitation must occur prior to entering the visitation area and prior to leaving

- There is no use of any common areas (i.e. public restrooms, living areas, dining rooms, etc.)

- You are not required to schedule visitation and may stay as long as you feel comfortable


Hello everyone!

We are fully up and running today. We have our parking lot cleared as of yesterday, and will be getting back to our regular visitation schedule beginning Tuesday. If you had a previously scheduled visit please give Jamie a call at 918-876-3700.

We completed our 2nd dose vaccination clinic last week! They are coming back for our 3rd clinic on March 1st. If your family member has opted out of the first two vaccine clinics, they can receive their first vaccine at the 3rd clinic and the pharmacy has agreed to come back for a 4th if needed.

Thank you all for all of your support!

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