May 13, 2020 

Update for residents and families:


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience during this trying time. We know this has been very difficult on all those involved and everyone is more than ready to see their loved ones. We have been told that as of now we will remain in visitor restriction mode and are still under order to maintain a facility “lockdown” even past Phase 3.


That being said we would like to let you know of a few small steps we are taking within our community to ensure the residents are able to get back to some sense of normalcy. First, we will be allowing residents to return to the dining area in smaller, staggered groups. We feel this will give them some socialization yet remain consistent with distancing guidelines. We will also resume some of our community activities such as bingo, bible study, crafting, walking clubs and exercise group, all while utilizing appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of our residents.



We are continuing the use of disinfectants, hand sanitizer, and masks within the community and are continuing to monitor all staff and residents closely with temperature logs and reporting of any respiratory symptoms. If for any reason any resident is required to leave the facility the quarantine period still remains in place so we ask that your loved ones only leave if absolutely necessary.


Please know that we are working diligently to remain Covid free and are hoping to have family reunited with their loved ones soon! We will continue to offer all communication lines possible to ensure you are kept in touch with your loved ones such as facetiming, telephone calls, zoom calls and window visits. Please let us know if you need any assistance with the aforementioned activities and we will be happy to help!


Cordially yours,

Reggie Herring

Bartlesville Assisted Living

4605 SE Price Rd

Bartlesville, OK 74006

Tel 918-876-3700

Fax 918-876-3676


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