COVID UPDATE 9/16/2020


We would like to announce the new visitation policy at our community!  We are dedicated to the continual protection of our residents and will ensure all infection control procedures continue to be followed within our building.  That being said, we are also dedicated to ensuring that the mental well-being of our residents is maintained, and we feel in order to do this we must provide visitation from their family members. 

There will be a dedicated visitation area which will be disinfected and sanitized prior and post each visit.  There will be a mask requirement as well as hand washing/sanitizing requirement.  We will also require 6 feet of social distancing as to follow all guidelines.  A questionnaire will need to be completed upon each visit and temperature of each visitor must be documented upon arrival.  These visits will need to be coordinated as we do expect a large request initially and want to ensure everyone gets to see their loved ones.

Please contact your Administrator or Director to get further information. 

This decision was not made lightly, and we are aware of different opinions on this matter. We know we will not make everyone happy but will certainly do our best and remain committed to caring for and protecting the residents and making sure they are safe and happy. 

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